How to Get the Most From Your Treatment:

By being on a healthy diet and refraining from eating two hours before and two hours after the exposure to the light, more fatty acids will be processed and eliminated. Lifestyles that create a stress on the liver will obstruct this process, so consumption of alcohol is not recommended while undergoing the treatments.


Body Contouring


A treatment at Santa Barbara Light Therapy consists of a full body exposure to the healing power of 635 and 880 NM red LED light. The light is emitted from six pads placed on the body and a covering that is placed over the face and abdomen for maximum benefit to the whole body.

 Once the pads are in place, you simply enjoy a relaxing 30 minute session.  Approximately 500 to 800 calories worth of fat are released into your body from the specific areas targeted.  This is followed by 10 minutes on the whole-body vibration plate which stimulates lymphatic drainage.